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We were long ago asked so many times how come we don’t offer framing anymore just because we no longer have a physical retail outlet. The answer was basically the rather fragile nature of glass which was solved by the advent of high grade plastic glass which is practically indistinguishable from glass but is much lighter and doesn’t break. This is also why most spectacle lens are now made with plastic glass both because they are as clear as normal glass and much safer since they don't shatter the way glass does.

But unlike a number of online suppliers we don't just put your print into a standard frame. We frame it properly and if you select "natural wood" frame this does not mean we automatically use a plain or stained pine. All it means is that we do not use a plastic or other synthetic frame as some companies do. We use proper wood frames matched to the colours and tones of the picture. Even if you choose a black frame we will look at gloss, matt or graphite options for the moulding to make it look as good as possible. Please be aware though that if you want a matching pair of framed prints and you don't order them at the same time we cannot guarantee the match. If you bought one framed last year, for example and want another to match it then best to email us with the details of the measurements and a photo of your existing framed print so we can tell you if a match is possible. As long as the moulding is still manufactured we should be able to do a good match although we cannot ever guarantee a 100% match of tone for either the moulding or mountboard as both can vary even when from the same manufacturer.

The photograph here shows a range of framing orders that were in our workshop at the same time. As you can see, they vary tremendously and we have used different kinds of mounts and frames to bring out the best in each picture.

If you have any special requirements about how your picture is framed then please contact us by email as soon as you have placed your order as it can go into the workshop quite quickly depending on how busy we are at the time.

Ordering your prints framed is easy! The framing option has already been added to all the small to medium size prints and posters. For prints or posters larger than this you will need to contact us for a special price. Just order your prints through the website and then email us to specify which ones want framed and we will add on the appropriate amount to your order for framing and confirm it back to you by email for you to approve before we finalize it.

Overseas customers please note that framed items larger than 600 x 440 mm will probably require a substantially increased carriage charge as they will need to be sent by a specialist courier.

All framing is done to the same high standard customers expected of us at Merton Abbey Mills back in the "early days". Each job is carefully considered and an appropriate moulding chosen to match the colours and textures of the image. If you want to specify the choice of moulding colour etc then please phone or email us.

No more carrying prints down to the shops and all that messing about . You’ll have those pictures delivered to your home already framed and up on the wall in no time at all! You won't believe this but we even include the picture hook ! How about that?

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