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Alan Lee is an enigmatic master-craftsman who is one of the most highly regarded artists among artists themselves. Alan Lee generally works in watercolours with a style that no-one can genuinely imitate. There is an ethereal quality to it, like there is a light shining through from the other side. His sketchwork is just as brilliant as a look at 'The Drawings of Alan Lee' will show if you ever get the chance to see this rare portfolio of his sketchwork. The only artist to have fully illustrated JRR Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' is of course Alan Lee and Alan Lee was also the first choice as conceptual designer to work on the three films of Tolkien's trilogy. In addition, Alan Lee also fully illustrated 'The Hobbit'. Celtic scenes are a favourite with Alan Lee. In the mid-seventies Alan Lee fulfilled a life-long ambition to illustrate 'The Mabinogion', a collection of Welsh folklore. Since Alan Lee is one of the very greatest of British fantasy artists we are proud to have worked with him in publishing his beautiful paintings of Tolkien's Middle-Earth as fine-art Limited Edition prints that you will find in this section along with prints of Alan Lee's other work and an Alan Lee artist profile.


Brian Froud was the designer of creatures for 'The Labyrinth' and 'Dark Crystal' films. Brian Froud is also the creative genius behind a host of best-selling books (see Artists UK bookshop) and with a long track record of publishing over many years Brian Froud is a sought after painter and designer. With Alan Lee Brian Froud produced the amazing 'Faeries' book that still sells well some 30 years on! Brian Froud is a true visionary painter who has an intimate knowledge of the faery realm and channels this creative energy out into his painting. Brian Froud's technique, whether in drawing or painting is sheer brilliance and his work has become highly collectable all round the globe. Come in and see our great collection of Brian Froud prints ...


Famous for her work on films like the Dark Crystal Wendy Froud is one of the most incredible model-makers in the world today. Here are prints of some of her fabulous creations that you can have to decorate your home or faery hall that won't make you have to remortgage your house the way an original creation might!


Roger Dean posters, Roger Dean posters and yet more Roger Dean posters! One of the biggest names in amazing fantastic art must be Roger Dean which funnily enough is quite a short name! Fabulous technique, innovative ideas and experimentation are all here on these fabulous posters and prints of Roger Dean's classic artwork. In the early seventies you weren't much of a rock band if Roger Dean hadn't done at least one of your album covers and he did loads! From the likes of YES and OSIBISA where Roger Dean did most of their covers to URIAH HEEP, BUDGIE, GREENSLADE and even a Tamla Motown Chartbusters! Beautiful Landscapes combine with surreal imagery. Some of these prints have been specially initalled for Artists UK by Roger Dean and there are rare warehouse finds of old posters. Whether you want that old Roger Dean poster back as a new Roger Dean poster again or a new Roger Dean poster you didn't have as a poster before, we've probably got the poster for you. This is likely to be the best collection of Roger Dean posters you'll find on the web!


If you like pencil sketch work then here is a large selection of beautiful art from the talented hand of Ed Org.

Ed Org got his BA in art on a Fine Art Course in 1979 and since then he has had plenty of commercial experience to hone his skills working as a graphic designer and illustrator. As you'll see from these beautiful images Ed Org is a talent to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Ed Org's beautiful and subtle pencil sketch work is difficult to photograph so these small jpgs give only a rough idea of the beautifullly detailed and brilliantly executed fine-art prints of Ed Org's artwork you will receive when you order them.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON FRAMING: If you would prefer us to use the moulding for your frame that Ed Org recommends it is the one described as blackened gold so please select that option. To discuss any other options, please email us via the Contact Us button.

DAN WOODS 1957 - 2019

Dan Woods was the first artist promoted by Artists UK and had a long career in book illustration and album cover design amongst many other projects and in addition to being an amazingly talented session musician ho played with Captain Sensible, Barnstormer and The Fish Brothers amongst others. He wa also a talented songwriter and singer. He is much missed by all who knew him.

His unique style of art was derived from a combination of the ink technique employed by the great American comic artists like Steranko and Buscema coupled with traditional watercolour overlay techniques in his colour work producing a vibrant yet subtle painting. Subjects range from Arthurian and Celtic to pure fantasy work.


A beautiful range of initialled prints by Alexandra Dawe mounted and ready to frame. You'll also find some of her original work for sale at affordable prices in our Professional Art Gallery. Angels, Fairies, Witches and Emotional subjects are all here in a range of mediums and colours. Alexandra Dawe is fast becoming a talent to be reckoned with having worked on many major films and projects. Best to get in early before she gets too well-known !!! All images are copyright Alexandra Dawe.


Francois Schuiten - a brilliant comic artist and designer whose artwork has earned him world-wide renown. These massive Francois Schuiten heavy textured paper prints of his work, way beyond the quality of a poster, are just absolutely stunning. We try our best but the images of these Francois Schuiten art prints here do not do justice to the real thing. Seeing is believing!


If you like the foil printing medium these are very good examples of the process where the colours and textures change as the light catches the picture from different angles. This of course means they are an absolute pain to photograph so when you see glares of light on some of them you'll know that that doesn't quite equate to the reality of the image but to an increase in gray hairs amongst our photographic staff! There are various New Age and Celtic images in here so click on in ..........


For those we don't have enough of for sections of their own yet.


Another fabulous artist for you to feast your eyes on. He has illustrated too many books and comics etc to detail and these include fables and tales across the spectrum so just give it that clickety click and take a look...


Artist of Celtic myths and legends whose beautiful watercolours and acrylics bring the old stories vividly to life.

Some of Ian Daniel's best-known early work was in two books published by Cassell plc that are sadly no longer in print - 'Celtic Myths and Legends' and 'Tales of the Celtic Otherworld'. Nowadays his art has taken a darker turn to these earlier pieces.


This excellent artist has published a number of his beautiful paintings as limited editions. There is a Celtic theme to his work with subjects ranging from Merlin to Ninuine and The Faerie Ring. You'll find some of his original art, including some of the images in here, on sale in our Professional Gallery.

Sadly Steve passed away on New Years Day 2014 after a long battle with cancer. He was 60 years old.


The archetypal New Age artist (whose name is pronounce Prasovnik in case you didn't know) is a keen scholar of all things celtic and here you'll find images from Arthurian legends, Dragons, Unicorns, Witches and Magicians. The small ones make great sets side by side on the wall! See also his section of Tolkien-inspired work in our Tolkien section!! His dragons are both here and in the dragons section!!


Roger, Linda and their son Seth have shared such a wealth of talent between them it is so unreal it ought to be a fantasy story in itself!

Roger Garland, who very sadly died in 2017 after a three-year battle with MND, was most known for Tolkien illustration and produced many paintings for book covers of Tolkien titles.

Linda Garland is mainly known for her depiction of Celtic subjects and the female divine energies which became the focus for their brilliant self-published book 'She, The Goddess' (now sadly out-of-print).

Seth Garland is a different matter yet again - prepare yourself for this one - even his 'A' level pieces were worthy of a great master like Magritte. He could become the greatest surrealist painter of this century at this rate ... unless he decides to paint portraits for a living or become the trendiest exhibitor at the Tate. All these are possible.


A trawl through the massive repertoire of this major talent. Here are the brilliant 'Alice in Wonderland' paintings by Rodney Matthews as very large fine-art limited editions. Loads of album covers by Rodney Matthews. As you may know, one of Rodney Matthews' key influences was the legendary Roger Dean but, as any visitor to his CD-ROM 'Between Earth and the End of Time' will know there were lots of others. Rodney Matthews did album covers for the likes of Rick Wakeman , Nazareth, Diamond Head, Asia, Magnum and Praying Mantis. Several biblical paintings here too. As you may know, Rodney Matthews is a devout Christian and has painted many scenes from the Bible in his own unique way.


Great American artist who can produce the most gorgeous beautiful paintings alongside thought-provoking surrealism and shocking horror! His technique is superb and his ideas are always vibrant and alive. You've got to check this out!!


Amazing faeries and angels created by Damon Wilson-Hart using digital photo-technology. This early signed work by Damon Wilson-Hart is extremely rare and difficult to get hold of now and with him out in California designing computer games who knows what they may be worth one day?


Stuart Dilley was a great find for Artists UK and you saw him here first! This talented artist has been behind the scenes helping to design jewelry for a major gothic clothing manufacturer for years. Stuart Dilley was inspired in his youth by the likes of Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac and later by the works of Brian Froud and Alan Lee. Stuart Dilley's style is bold and evocative and he draws on a host of Celtic, Wicca and Gothic themes for his paintings. All the prints here have been signed by him with a gold or silver pen. All the images shown here are available as prints signed by Stuart Dilley in one of two image sizes: Standard or Large. From Shakespeare to King Arthur and beyond! Come on in and see the amazing art of Stuart Dilley !


Also going under the name of 'The Dark One' artist Greg Williams portrays goddesses as you've never quite seen them before and revealing rather more than one would normally expect - Click and come see - - - - >>>


A beautiful style of art that has adorned many book covers including the books by Anne McCaffrey, Tanith Lee and Michael Reeves to name a few. She lives and works in the USA. Many of these prints were published in the early eighties and certainly not going to be seen in the high street nowadays! Grab 'em while you can!

FLOWER FAIRIES by Cicely Mary Barker

The beautiful Flower Fairies of Cicely May Barker. Some lovely large mounted prints here. This mainly self-taught artist has captured the hearts of generation after generation with her simple but beautifully painted fairies. She lived in South London and I once met the people who now own the house she lived in but they didn't tell me if they had found fairies at the bottom of the garden....


Another artist we've come across who produces really excellent work! We are talking some great images here, especially if you like cats and/or celtic/faery-inspired artwork. Beautiful images very well executed and published as open edition prints or limited editions. Click in and have a look!!


Visionary British artist, Keith English who died in late 2016 created beautiful paintings expressing many Christian, Celtic and New Age themes. The paintings of Keith English evoke a feeling of bygone days and bring alive the legends and myths of the English heritage. Keith English lived and works in the south of England and used the lovely countryside for inspiration. In here you'll find of Keith English miniprints, prints and posters as long as stocks last.


Born in the USA in 1947 Michael Kaluta studied fine arts at Richmond Professional Institute from 1966 to1968. Working for D.C. Comics, Marvel Comics Michael Kaluta became well-known in the early seventies and also illustrated many stories fpr sci-fi and fanmtasy magazines. Kaluta carried on to illustrate Edgar Rice Burroughs stories, Frankenstein, Conan and many others. Michael kaluta was in the prestigious 'The Studio' and illustrated 'Metropolis'. Michael Kaluta has illustrated Tolkien, Batman, Neil Gaiman stories and many, many more. Michael Kulata's artwork adorned the Black Sabbath tribute album among many other album art projects including a cover for his namesake Kaluta based in Liverpool England. After his run of 75 covers for the Books of Magic series for DC Comics Michael Kaluta continues to be a sought-after artist in many fields. In here are some great collectible posters and Limited Editions of Michael Kaluta's artwork. We are sure that Michael Kaluta fans will be delighted to find so many of these rare items available here.


This wonderful painter from the south of France was actually born down-under in Sidney, Australia. His work is pure lush fantasy from realms in his imagination flavoured with the techniques and influences of the old masters. If you loved the excesses of Moulin Rouge then you'll love these and even if you didn't you'll probably still love these! Prints and posters.


This stunningly talented artist has produced possibly the definitive 'Grey Havens' in the Tolkien arena and possibly the best re-working ever of JRR Tolkien's own painting of 'Conversation with Smaug'. He has worked for many different publishers and you'll probably see a few book-covers here you recognise for the likes of Terry Pratchett and Alan Garner. Apart from the Ciglee Limited Edition of 'The Hobbit, the images in here are all available as limited edition digital prints in standard or large size. The whole limited edition for each of these prints comprises 600 signed and numbered prints in two sizes - large and standard - with each of these joint editions numbered over 300 and signed by the artist. They have been digitally printed by the artist himself on high quality photographic paper. See individual print profiles for image sizes etc. Since all these prints have been hand-signed and numbered in these two sizes to only 300 copies by the artist especially for Artists UK there you go - a nice special pressie not found in the shops!


He describes himself as a visionary painter. We've described him before as a modern pre-raphealite. However you describe his work there is no getting away from the universal appeal of these beautiful paintings. His trademark is a very subtle style mixing hues of various soft colours into a dreamy collage of waves and images. Faeries, Unicorns and Pegasus are firm favourites in subject matter but there are many other visions as well. Come on in and enjoy.


Gorgeous images by this wonderful painter from Germany who is sadly no longer with us but left a legacy of beautiful paintings when she passed away in 1989. She was a devotee of Jiddu Krishnamurti and whilst her husband fought for Germany in World War ll she was persecuted by the Nazis and almost ended up in a Concentration Camp. She painted fairies and angels with a gracefulness that brought them alive in a way that few other artists have managed.


Her name is synonymous with rich vibrant otherworldy painting as her work explores the old traditions from all over the world. You will also find some books featuring her work in our bookshop. The posters shown in here are all 610 x 915 mm (24" x 36").



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