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RANGER OF THE NORTH (Limited edition print) by Ed Org

RANGER OF THE NORTH (Limited edition print) by Ed Org

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The 'Ranger of the North' is based on a couple of Lord of the Rings inspired images which Ed Org has combined. The ranger above is shown before the North becomes a wasteland and the picture below shows the Nazgul scouring the land. In J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings the Rangers of the North were led by Aragorn (a.k.a 'Strider').

Back in the Silmarillon the Rangers of the North were the descendants of the Dúnedain from the lost kingdom of Arnor and so were also known as the Dúnedain of the North. They were led by a Chieftain in the line of Elendil that went back to the ancient Kings of Númenor. The Rangers of the North kept the boundaries of Eriador and were skilled with sword, bow and spear. The Rangers of the North were grim and usually wore rusty green and brown but were dressed in dark grey cloaks with a silver brooch shaped like a pointed star in the Lord of the Rings so were called the grey company. Like the Rangers of Ithilien, the Rangers of the North usually spoke something like Sindarin rather than the Common Speech.

The top image of the Ranger of the North is 229 x 322mm and the bottom image of Nazgul is 229 x 114mm. Between the two images Ed Org has signed and numbered each print over 250. The print is supplied unmounted. 'Ranger of the North' is a fabulous limited edition print from Ed Org limited to only 250 copies and also being an LOTR image it could be quite collectible one day.

NOTE ON FRAMING : The moulding that artist Ed Org himself prefers for framing his work is the one we have listed as 'Blackened Gold'. If you want us to use this one for framing your Ed Org print then be sure to select it when you add framing to your order rather than 'Matching Natural Wood' or 'Black'.

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