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RIVENDELL Limited Edition Lithograph by Alan Lee - THE ORIGINAL ARTIST PROOF COPY

RIVENDELL Limited Edition Lithograph by Alan Lee - THE ORIGINAL ARTIST PROOF COPY

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When the Rivendell Limited Edition set of 500 prints was first published back in 1997 a number of wet-proofs were printed to match to the orioginal painting so that Alan Lee could pick the best colour match. This is the one that was finally used to create the edition. All the other proofs have been sold leaving this final and most collectible one in terms of its use. On the downside, it was mounted for display at Merton Abbey Mills and in those days we hadn't started conservation mounting so masking tape was used. What you do have though is the original printers colour bars attached to the back of the mount that dictate the colour settings for the edition. The print is signed and marked AP in pencil by Alan Lee. It is still in the original polypropalene covering with the title on the covering at the top so it is still in excellent condition and ready for framing if we don't frame it for you..

Both the limited edition of 500 copies and the 10% of Artist Proofs of this fabulous painting have sold out leaving only this last one left for a real collector to cherish.

This was one of Alan Lee's finest paintings for the illustrated JRR Tolkien 'Lord of the Rings' book. The original was hanging over his fireplace in his living room until it was sold at auction. Image size is 475 x 294mm. Overall board size is 628 x 417mm. Supplied unmounted due to it's size. Printed on acid-free board on a hand-press using light-fast inks and proofed against the original painting. The technique in Alan Lee's watercolour work is unbelievable. He uses very few technical tricks to achieve the results. There are certain things you have to do - white is the white of the paper so Alan Lee had to paint where the white isn't to get that effect on the waterfall! This Alan Lee limited edition is pretty much the same size as the original painting. The original has a grey watercolour border which is shown in the fully illustrated Lord of the Rings book. It's a great way to bring out a picture that is being printed in a book but is a bit limiting on a large fine-art print so we left it off and the image is the size the original was with the border (confused?). The colours are identical to the original painting. Well, let's put it this way - I couldn't spot the difference and nor could Alan Lee so that's good enough for me. Published by Artists UK.

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