(A.K.A Lessons for the unwary artist)

Some of these reports refer to a particular person and his old company no longer in existence. For legal reasons we won't say who but if you are familiar with the term "to shaft someone" meaning to do a dodgy deal on them, then should you ever meet a man whom, upon introduction, you are reminded of this word it might be best to avoid him at all costs!

"... I got a portion of my advance, but was still owed maybe 8000 and probably royalties when the editor disappeared. ..... owed me about 7 thousand bucks when they went chapter 11, ..."

"I got a call from relatives abroad who said how delighted they were to see my book in the shops there. I said I wasn't quite as delighted since I hadn't received any royalties from it and nothing has appeared on any statement since...."

"Even the most conservative estimate is that at least one artist lost 15,000 in royalties that were never paid and which should have been paid."

"I just said, 'forget the money and give me the stock'. It was the only way I was going to get any money back although that left me with the nightmare of trying to sort out distribution from scratch."

"I tried to get the artwork back but they said they'd 'lost it' and I found that I had no claim on them over it. My guess is it walked out the back door, was sold off and now hangs on some fan of the band's wall somewhere. That certainly taught me a lesson about trusting publishers with my original art."

"They were supposedly friends. They came to dinner. They talked over all these business ideas. Then they disappeared with some of my originals."

The abovee are all genuine statements made to Artists UK by professional artists, many of whom are quite famous so we have not provided their details.


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