Works of Brian Froud

Goblins, Trolls and Faeries Artist

Designer for the Dark Crystal films and Labyrinth film

Brian Froud is a British artist best known for his illustration, art works and paintings of the worlds of faery, which form an evocative and imaginative gallery of images. Brian Froud was born in Winchester in 1947. Brian Froud attended Maidstone College of Art in 1967 and graduated with a first class honours diploma in Graphic Design in 1971. Art works by Brian Froud are much sought after by collectors worldwide . Brian Froud's art works can be seen in our Artists UK gallery of his prints and posters (or click on the images).

Here are some pictures by Brian Froud with appropriate links for the works in each gallery grouped according to the books etc.

Art works from Good Faeries, Bad Faeries

Dreamweaver by Brian Froud

Dreamweaver - an art work by Brian Froud

Art works from Faeries

Goblins by Brian Froud

Goblins - an art work by Brian Froud

Art works from Lady Cottington's Pressed Faries books

Faery Behind the Potting Shed by Brian Froud

Faery Behind Potting Shed - an art work by Brian Froud

Other art works

Twilight by Brian Froud

Twilight - an art work by Brian Froud

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