All the images on this website are copyright to the respective artists. 

There may also be other copyright or intellectual property rights associated with the subject matter of the individual images. 

Artists UK is required under the applicable international copyright laws to inform you that the unauthorised use of any of the images on this site for any purpose is illegal and could result in prosecution by the copyright holder or any other person or body who has an intellectual property right vested in the image. In using artwork for any kind of publication or modelling work etc there is either the commissioning of a new piece of artwork or the purchasing of "second rights" to use a piece of work that was already commissioned for something else (or privately commissioned as the artist usually retains the reproduction rights when an original painting is sold or commissioned privately).  The costs in both cases vary considerably depending on the nature of the artwork (including the medium to be used for commissioning new work), how well-known the artist is, how well-known the image is and whether there are other parties who have a vested interest in character rights etc and must also be paid (for instance, a painting of some TV series characters may involve the TV company, the actors, the animators and designers all being due a percentage).   

In terms of our acting as agents to supply you with images our ability to do this will depend on which images you are interested in and what your budget is.  We do not act as agents for all the artists on our website although we have contact with the majority of those who are strongly represented here.  Some artists may grant the use of their images for use on non-commercial sites without charge but very often they still don't do this because they are not happy with what their artwork is being associated with or how it is presented.  

Please note that any unauthorised use of the images on this website will be immediately reported by Artists UK to the copyright owners and/or their publishers or agents.

If you are seeking to use an image on this website or commission a particular artist here to undertake work for you or your company then email us with full details of your plans by clicking here.


This website contains images by Gil Elvgren which are copyrighted by Brown & Bigelow, Inc.  If you are interested in licensing rights to reproduce works by this artist, please direct inquiries to: Lisa Joyce, Manager, Legal Administration, Brown & Bigelow, 345 Plato Blvd East, St. Paul, MN  55107. Phone: (651) 293-7227 Fax: (651) 293-7589 Email:  

Beano images and Beano characters are copyright DC Thomson & Co Limited (DCT) and may not be reproduced in any form without a licence from them in writing.  Since Artists UK does not deal directly with the publishers of the Beano you will need to contact them directly via their solicitors :

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