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What is Fantasy Art?

Fantasy Art is the art of the fantastic where dreams and fantasy are brought creatively out into the real world. Fantasy art has been around a long time and there were fantasy artists in book illustration as well as fantasy painters long ago. Modern fantasy artists may use advanced techniques but the fantasy and imagination are the same. Today's fantasy artists explore the magic that is missing from today's technological world. Dragons, angels, faeries, wizards, demons and ghouls amongst others inhabit the realms of fantasy. Science has yet to explain fantasy and imagination so the art that springs from fantasy is a marvel beyond modern science.

Imagination was the development in humanity that took us beyond the state of being just animals. Without imagining a possibility there can be no search and no discovery so all science is founded on the ability to imagine how things might be long before the theories and proof are developed. Fantasy art is the glory of that human imagination that is at the root of what we are and taps into the great mystery of life itself. Fantasy art gives expression to things that are still beyond the knowledge of modern science. Just like music and other creative expressions fantasy art contacts that pure creativity within all of us and in some mysterious way enriches our lives. Long may the fantasy and the art prevail!

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