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This is Brian Froud's 'Caterpillar's Mushroom' 

Published by Artists UK as a fine art limited edition print:-

This image didn't turn out as sharp and clear as we'd hoped but nevertheless we can still tell you the relevant bits and pieces and if you buy the Limited Edition you are certainly not going to be disappointed in the clarity comparison stakes! This is the scene from 'Alice in Wonderland' given the Froud make-over as all the elements of the story are portrayed in the faery realm equivalents. This original painting must be worth a lot of money nowadays. It was painted for an ''Alice in Wonderland' exhibition that went round the USA, Britain & Japan. Brian wanted to do Alice in his own way by recreating the feeling of Alice in the faery realm. In the background you can see the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit etc.mixed into a plethora of faery images. The painting was done in acrylics but also uses coloured pencil and ink. The other two paintings Brian put in the exhibition were 'Drink Me' and 'The Red Queen'. At Artists UK we decided to publish this one as a fine-art limited edition print. Although the two other paintings are excellent we really liked this one. The numbers are:- (1) The teapot at the Mad Hattr's Tea Party given a life of its own and not merely a sleepy doormouse's hideaway! (2) The Mad Hatter himself looking very jolly indeed - he's either been at the Cluricaun's latest heist (see 'Faeries' book) or won the faery lottery! (3) In the background here is the White Rabbit with his little waistcoat. (4) The reason why the painting was refused exhibition on its world tour in some places. It's a little hard to see on this fuzzy jpg image but the little guy down there has a willy - oh, dear!!! Now, given the amount of clothes being worn by another character in this picture does this make sense? We think it sad that some idiot(s) prevented people seeing this brilliant painting, but there you go. Brian Froud is easily now regarded as one of the top elite of fantasy artists and is very collectable. His painting Gwenhwfahr was used as the cover for a Sothebys auction catalogue for instance where they usually only put paintings by the old masters and sold for 6,500. If you want to buy a copy of the Limited Edition of this painting then click here to go to that section.

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