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Here you'll find links to the most recent major updates to the Artists UK Amazing Fantastic Website though there will always be the odd extra item added into other sections and with thousands of items in total it'll be a long time till you've seen everything and by then we'll have added in more where you started and honed our skills such that we can write even longer sentences than this so you'll be totally out of breath by the time you get to anything resembling punctuation!

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MORE NEW John Howe Tolkien ART !!!

White Tower of Elwing art by John Howe  Siege of Angaband art by John Howe 

Even more amazing new Geoff Taylor top quality art prints just in!

Black Trillium large art print by artist Geoff Taylor  Merlin's Wood large art print by artist Geoff Taylor

Fortress of the Pearl Michael Moorcock cover by Geoff Taylor     Dead London from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds (HG Wells) by Geoff Taylor

New small Alan Lee Tolkien - ideal gifts!

Alan Lee small Entrance to Moria Tolkien print  Alan Lee small Battle of Pelennor Fields Tolkien print  Alan Lee small Frodo and Gandalf Tolkien print


Roger Mellie shoplifting print - Viz comic character    Nobby - Viz comic character

MORE NEW Alan Lee Tolkien ART !!!
Willow Man by Tolkien LoR artist Alan Lee  The Mountain by Tolkien LoR artist Alan Lee  Alan Lee Treebeard LoR art

More new Ed Org Giclee prints !
Along Came a Moonship Giclee Limited Edition print byartist Ed Org


Schultz Peanuts cartoon of Snoopy as Joe Cool - art print    Schultz Peanuts cartoon of Charlie Brown and Snoopy - art print    

New 'Love Is' romancing in right now!

Love is taking a day off together mounted print by Kim Casali   Love is having someone to share your hammock with mounted print by Kim Casali

 Some SIGNED art prints by the late great Dan Woods are still available !

Creatures signed art print by Dan Woods Signed art print of The Alchemist by Dan Woods Usher ll signed art print by Dan woods


There will be more exciting updates soon !