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Here you'll find links to the most recent major updates to the Artists UK Amazing Fantastic Website though there will always be the odd extra item added into other sections and with thousands of items in total it'll be a long time till you've seen everything and by then we'll have added in more where you started and honed our skills such that we can write even longer sentences than this so you'll be totally out of breath by the time you get to anything resembling punctuation!

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Sexy Vampires ask you out for a bite! 

John Bolton Living Light Vampire printHaunted Shadows by John Bolton art printSuccubus by John Bolton

MORE RARE Frazetta 

Fire & Ice poster print by Frank Frazetta   Jaguar God poster print by Frank Frazetta

Another couple of delightful Elvgen beauties !

Roxanne print by artist Gil Elvgren Sea View art print by artist Gil Elvgren

Some new lovely colour prints from Ed Org

Undine print by artist Ed Org  The Love Potion art print by artist Ed Org


Game of Thrones Daenerys

New Discworld

When Shall We Three Meet Again Discworld witches by Josh Kirby Brutha Om Vorbis in desert art by Josh Kirby

Brand New Asterix

Asterix and Obelix in the desert by Uderzo

Spaceships flying back in !!

Triangular Spaceship by Chris Foss

New Escher shirt just for girls!

King of Symmetry Escher t-shirt for girls

A Game of You with Dave McKean

Sandman 35 cover by Dave McKean

Even more amazing classic comic cover prints  !!!

Wonder Woman comic cover   Superman Bizarron comic cover

There will be more exciting updates soon !