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The incredible cover for the 'Discworld Companion' book that details all the terms and characters of amazing Discworld. Coincidentally it is also the best of Josh Kirby's illustrations of the Librarian. Yes, this is another masterpiece painted by the late grandmaster of fantasy art Josh Kirby. See below for more info.....

The first time Josh painted The Librarian was for the cover of 'Sourcery' and as you can see he developed considerably over the time between that painting and this one but then not only did Josh have time to perfect his techniques and vision of how the Librarian looked but also the character of the Librarian grew as he kept featuring in different stories.

Now, looking at those little numbers above -

1. Josh was always putting in tiny little extra details. He liked a picture to not be quite apparent all at once. You find you can look at one of his paintings for years and then see something you never noticed before. For instance this tiny little spider hanging down here if you look closely.

2. A model of The Discworld hanging in the library? I'm not sure this was ever mentioned in any of the books (go on get those E-Mails rolling to be awarded a Bright Spark award if we're wrong) but this was Josh's way of doing all he could to encapsulate the whole book in one image. This is The Discworld Companion so there should be a Discworld there. Hedidn't say that to me but I'm pretty sure that is how he would have looked at it.

3. Two things here - love the way those books really do look like they need to be chained down! Josh had a way of imbuing a feeling of action into one static picture that brings the Discworld vividly to life as soon as you see the cover of the book. The other thing is you might, if you haven't seen this book, wonder why there's a whopping great space in the middle of the picture. Well, when you've had your artwork obliterated by wording early on in your career you tend to start planning for where the words are going to go and then work the painting around this. You can tell very often that a painting was for a book cover by the amount of space left at the top of the image.

4.Again, I don't recall baby dragons playing in the library but this is an artistic licence to bring some fun and movement into the painting. This again, like all the Discworld paintings other than the first one (Colour of Magic) is an oil painting on watercolour board. I can't recall the size of this one and they did vary a lot but most of them are around 3' x 4'.

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