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Painted using Gouache and ink in late 1993 this is one of his most popular images and has been used on a variety of products around the world. It is dear to the artist's heart as it is full of Celtic imagery and let's follow those numbers round the picture now shall we?

No.1 represents the old story of 'Jack in the Green' as also 'Robin Hood'.

No.2 is of course a representation of the faery world that is linked to Celtic traditions (and the faery here was modelled by the artist's other half - Jaz).

No.3 is a depiction of St. Nectan's Glen in Cornwall which is a recognised spiritual place in Celtic lore and closely related to the Green Man who is a God of Nature in the fullest sense.

No. 4 shows the Irish side of things with the Celtic Harp and both this and the next one refer to the Song of Amheirgin ("I am a stag of seven kinds").

No. 5 shows a stag which is a guise that the Green Man is supposed to take or as in the legend of Windsor Castle, he rides on the back of a deer. Ifyou want to buy one or you want more details on the size, printing methods etc then click right here.

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