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The incredible cover for the book 'Soul Music' by Terry Pratchett 

painted by the late grandmaster of fantasy art Josh Kirby.

First off let's take a closer look at that sky (point number one on the image)! This is an oil painting but you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a watercolour sky with the subtle pink and yellow mixed but Josh used a lot of thinners with the oil paints to get this effect. At point 2 look at the incredible perspective he gets as DEATH literally zooms up out of the landscape. This is very much a trademark of Josh Kirby's Discworld work. He was never content to stick to a formula. He was always searching for new ways to bring an added dmension to the painting with unusual perspectives or interplay of ideas utlising many different aspects of the storyline (as the consumate professional he always read the manuscript thoroughly and made notes before starting his rough sketches that started the path towards the finished painting). Point 3 - look at all the detail and all the extra little characters and items included to broaden the illustrative effect of the painting. No wonder he became so closely associated with the books he provided covers for - his paintings had the ability to convey the feel of the whole story in a single image! To buy a copy of the Limited Edition print of SOUL MUSIC or view the full range of items available click here.

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